Luminlay Standard SB & SG series

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Luminlay materials are made of highly mixed high quality glow in the dark materials and high clear PMMA plastics. The outside is painted white so as not to lose the glow.

SB series Glow BLUE long time glow type

SG series Glow GREEN strong glow type

SB-15/SG-15 (diameter 1.5mm, length 60mm) USD18.00

SB-20/SG-20 (diameter 2mm, length 60mm) USD18.00

SB-25/SG-25 (diameter 2.5mm, length 60mm) USD18.00

SB-30/SG-30 (diameter 3mm, length 60mm) USD18.00

SB-40/SG-40 (diameter 4mm, length 60mm) USD24.00

SB-50/SG-50 (diameter 5mm, length 60mm) USD26.00