Luminlay VB & VG series for Top dots

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Vintage series(VB,VG) are very innovative glow in the dark position marker for fingerboard top surface.
There are many demands of stratocaster size dots, but all high quality fluorescent materials have a little greenish body color .
So if put them on fingerboard top surface of vintage guitars, they doesn't match perfectly.

The Luminlay Vintage series have been developed to fit their body color to almost guitars and basses. In a case of using pigments to put color on plastics, the ability of fluorescent material will be strongly down. Luminlay had managed this problem by original techniques. Vintage series body colors are warm color so they very naturally fit to fingerboards(VB:cream,VG: beige) . And high quality machining gives them good roundness.

They look very natural even if you put them on guitars! The side and back surfaces are painted white. The VBT&VGT series make playing in the dark very easy!

VB series Glow BLUE long time glow type
VG series Glow GREEN strong glow type

VBT-50/VGT-50 (5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set USD26.00)
VBT-60/VGT-60 (6mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set USD28.00)
VBT-635/VGT-635 (6.35mm(1/4 inch) dia.*2mm*12pcs/set USD29.00)
VBT-65/VGT-65 (6.5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set USD29.00)
VBT-70/VGT-70 (7mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set USD30.00)
VBT-80/VGT-80 (8mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set USD34.00)