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" MAGIK-ARM for Ibanez EDGE/Lo-Pro EDGE (RBAH2B2) " is the new version of RED BISHOP MAGIK-ARM.
After releasing MAGIK-ARM for Floyd Rose, many high-end customers gave us much praise for the quality. And we decided to extend MAGIK-ARM product line because there are many opinions of wantig new MAGIK-ARM for Ibanez EDGE/Lo-Pro EDGE tremolos.

Edge/Lo-Pro EDGE tremolo bridges can allow guitar players to do wide range arm-down and arm-up actions. But there is one problem for comfortable play. It is the " play " of tremolo arm. There has been a headache of wobbly trem arm. Please grab your guitar's tremolo arm and do arm-down and arm-up slowly. Maybe almost There is "wobbly play " . In the meaning of direct feeling, most of professional guitarists and high-class amateur musicians don't feel this " play " comfortable. On the other hand, there was not good solution in fact.

RED BISHOP invited Mr.Shinjiro Hirayama as chief designer who worked for Ibanez for many years and developed many guitars and hardwares. And after many intensive testing, now we succeeded to produce the new solution, MAGIK-ARM.

" MAGIK-ARM " solve this problem by unique new constructure and high machining accuracy, and one by one handmade process.And further, we succeeded to make MAGIK-ARM even if it is in arm-free condition, the arm bar doesn't have big "play" as before.
It's just " MAGIK-ARM ".

You don't have to change plastic washers of the EDGE bar any more, and you can change the arm torque whenever you like !!
Enjoy the upper level quality !

You can install on Edge-Zero bridge, too.

<Arm bar diameter> 6mm

<Mounting possible>

  • Ibanez original EDGE
  • Ibanez Lo-Pro EDGE
  • Ibanez EDGE Pro
  • Ibanez Edge-Zero
  • Ibanez ZR2

<Notice>You need to remove bridge from guitar to install MAGIK-ARM.

Demo video

Demo video from a consumer

Demo video from a consumer