RED BISHOP MAGIK-ARM Edge-Zero2/1996T/510Tなど用 (RBAH1B2)

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" MAGIK-ARM for Edge-Zero2/1996T/510T (RBAH1B2) " is the simple combination, the arm holder is the one for Floyd Rose(AH1 type), and the bar is the one for EDGE(B2 bar).
This combination can be used for Ibanez Edge-Zero2 bridge, ZR ver1.1, GOTOH 1996T, and GOTOH 510T/NS510T, Wilkinson VS100N & VG300. Of course for ORIGINAL Floyd Rose also.

Please choose this combination if you prefer EDGE type bar to Floyd type bar.

<Arm bar diameter> 6mm

<Mounting possible>

  • Ibanez Edge-Zero2
  • Ibanez original ZR /ZR ver1.1
  • GOTOH 1996T
  • GOTOH 510T/NS510T
  • Wilkinson VS100N & VG300
  • FLOYD ROSE ORIGINAL, and FLOYD ROSE OEM products(Hole diameter should be more than 9mm)
  • Floyd Rose Original Non-Fine Tuner Tremolo

<Notice>You need to remove bridge from guitar to install MAGIK-ARM.

Demo video

Demo video from a consumer

Demo video from a consumer

Product reviews


The ultimate update

Mr.Winy Wohlwend
The MAGIK-ARM is the ultimate update for every Floyd Rose style Tremolo. It really works perfect and the annoying arm Play is past.In future builds I am going to equip every Floyd Rose Tremolo with the fantastic MAGIK-ARM!

It's awesome.

I installed my MAGIK-ARM today and LOVE It!!! Thank you so much! It's awesome. Keep up the great work, I'm telling everyone I know that they need to buy one. Cheers!

No "play" in the arm holder!

I've been using Original Floyd Rose made in West Germany for more than 30 years. Present Floyd Rose arm holder is better than the original screw type one, but there is still small "play" , so I used it with some patience. I make vibato by tremolo arm, so I used Floyd Rose tremolo arm with hard torque condition, still not enough though. I changed the torque depending on songs but little time between songs on stage because I have to tune pitch and do other things. So I had felt some stress. I found MAGIK-ARM by chance and tried, there is no "play", easy installing, easy torque adjustment, easy arm removing. It's very helpful! I bought Gold one and the appearance is excellent. I'll buy Black one next!

Great! The best tremolo arm ever!

I had a problem with the "play" of my Floyd Rose tremolo arm. I tried some products but they didn't satisfy me. When I purchased MAGIK-ARM, I doubted a little but after using it, I'm very impressed by the less "play" and the smoothness. Now I can concentrate on my guitar play. Maybe I'll put MAGIK-ARM on my other all guitars.