RED BISHOP MAGIK-ARM for Edge-Zero2/1996T/510T (RBAH1B2)

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" MAGIK-ARM for Edge-Zero2/1996T/510T (RBAH1B2) " is the simple combination, the arm holder is the one for Floyd Rose(AH1 type), and the bar is the one for EDGE(B2 bar).
This combination can be used for Ibanez Edge-Zero2 bridge, ZR ver1.1, GOTOH 1996T, and GOTOH 510T(sheet metal baseplate type), Wilkinson VS100N & VG300. Of course for ORIGINAL Floyd Rose also.

Please choose this combination if you prefer EDGE type bar to Floyd type bar.

<Arm bar diameter> 6mm

<Mounting possible>

  • Ibanez Edge-Zero2
  • Ibanez ZR ver1.1
  • GOTOH 1996T
  • GOTOH 510T(sheet metal baseplate type)
  • Wilkinson VS100N & VG300
  • FLOYD ROSE ORIGINAL, and FLOYD ROSE OEM products(Hole diameter should be more than 9mm)
  • Floyd Rose Original Non-Fine Tuner Tremolo

<Notice>You need to remove bridge from guitar to install MAGIK-ARM.