Luminlay Top inlay material

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These are square glow in the dark materials of Luminlay for top inlays.
The size is 45mm*55mm, and the thickness is 2mm,(Please note that the thickness tolerance could be 1.8-2.5mm because of the special product process.)
The back side is painted white for more glow.

VB&VG series is designed to fit wood colors.
XB is brighter than VB, but a little more yellowish.

VB series Glow BLUE, body color is cream.
XB series Glow BLUE, body color is yellowish cream. Brighter than VB.
VG series Glow GREEN, body color is veige.

*We Don't recommend cut these by laser because laser burns materials and glow gets less. To cut by saws and files is better.

*After cutting, it's better to paint side surfaces white for more glow.